Version 5.0

Trip.Press Theme

To compliment our plugin set we’ve created a cutting-edge WordPress theme. This theme provides the front-end interface and GUI elements to create a beautiful, high-performance website.

Key features included with the Trip.Press theme

Built to perform

Creating a lightning fast framework with only the essential code was a critical part of our development strategy and a key reason for developing our own theme and plugin set.

The Trip.Press theme and plugin-set provides us with the foundation to build robust, highly customized websites, without the need for extraneous plugins or bloated script libraries.

Websites built using the Trip.Press foundation speed-test far above the competition. Test your site using Google page speed to compare.

Google friendly

We have a background in SEO strategy and building websites which play nicely with Google tech, as well as rank well in the Google Search Engine. This was a key consideration in the creation of the Trip.Press theme which includes numerous features to enhance and extend the WordPress foundation as well as integrate directly with Google services and API features.

SEO Features

  • Customizable URL structure
  • Dynamic XML sitemap generation
  • Title, Meta, Description management on all content objects
  • Custom URL structure “permalinks” building on WordPress Core functionality
  • Auto-notification to indexing services when new content is created

Google Tech

  • Analytics
  • Google Goals (action and event integration)
  • Adwords
  • Youtube API
  • Maps API

Streamlined GUI libraries

We’ve hand picked a collection of essential interface features to include with our foundation to create a beautiful and immersive graphic user interface. This ensures that the Trip.Press theme is not bogged down by 3rd party plugins and libraries, and allows us to customize the theme foundation based on our clients needs.

  • Smart web fonts (including Google and self hosted)
  • Optional FontAwesome and Linea Icons libraries
  • Parallax & smooth scroll libraries
  • Carousel, tabbed and accordion libraries
  • Flexible jQuery library and jQuery plugin loading options

Custom block designer

We’ve developed an extensive library of beautiful and responsive interface “blocks” which provide the foundation to build out the front-end website. Each “block” is highly customizable and tailored for each project.

Block library includes:

  • Extendable navigation systems
  • Homepage image slider
  • Featured tours
  • Tour finders and tour filters
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Testimonials carousel
  • Monthly themes
  • Tabbed & Accordion content blocks
  • Stylized forms and calls to action
  • Featured blog posts

An optimized WordPress experience

One key purpose of the Trip.Press theme is to assist with scaling the WordPress platform to be more performance driven, as well as extend several legacy features.

  • Customizing WordPress <head> creation, optimized for performance and SEO placement
  • Jquery / Ajax integration enables dynamic loading of content within the interface, such as “load more…” paging, and prioritized loading of content. This replaces default WordPress paging (“view next page of results”) with Ajax driving interface components (“load more”).
  • Choose your own WordPress core features and components or use the Trip.Press scaled down version for the following Core WP Components (Wp_generator, Wlwmanifest_link, Rsd_link, Wp_shortlink_wp_head, Adjacent_posts_rel_link, Emoji_detection_script, RSS feed_links_extra)
  • Removal of default WordPress sizes and configuration of adaptive image sizes across trip and blog display ensuring scalability and performance integrity across platforms and devices
  • Improved keyword search results display and results formatting