Version 3.4

Trip.Press Marketing

Trip.Press Marketing extension supports the distribution of trip and website content across email and social media channels, as well as enhances the guest shopping experience with several additional features.

  Key features we’ve introduced in this version include:

Newsletter Management

The newsletter component brings together trip, destination, promotional, and blog content into an HTML rich newsletter. Using this tool, your marketing team can create a comprehensive newsletter with branding, links to the website, and peripheral content alongside featured content from the website. Past newsletters are accessible by visiting the newsletter archive.

Each newsletter adheres to a set of defaults and can be customized as needed for each issue. Newsletter settings include:

  • Newsletter title, issue and intro content
  • Newsletter format
  • Newsletter header image
  • Section headings and links
  • Post format
  • Post Type to display, number of posts, display by specific ID
  • Call to action in footer

HTML code generated from the component can be copied and pasted into any 3rd party mail-out system. We would suggest MailChimp or Constant Contact.

‘My Favorites’ Functionality

Front-end functionality enables the user to add a trip or multiple trips to their “favorites” list. Trips selected are stored in a cookie and follow the user through their shopping experience in the website.

The “My Favorites” page enables the following features:

  • Remove, or clear existing favorites
  • Send list of favorites to friend
  • Send list of favorites to Sales team (help me decide)

Social Media Sharing

Adding “sharing” tools tools makes sharing your trips and blog content fast and easy. This feature integrates with the front-end of the website allowing the user to share content across social media channels such as facebook, pinterest, twitter, and Reddit.

Total share counts for each social media channel as well as global shares are tracked in WordPress enabling the sorting and browsing of content by popularity.

Booking Cycles

This feature is especially useful for tourism operators who’s inventory changes throughout the year. Admin controls allow your sales team to configure each month of the year and select which kinds of trips are featured through the year by term, type or destination. On the front-end trip display and featured spotlights change automatically based on the current booking cycle.

Mailchimp Integration

Integrating your website with Mailchimp enables the automatic registration of new list members via Mailchimp API. This integration will be an opt-in added to the bottom of several key forms on the public facing website.

Monthly Content Themes

Monthly themes provide a system for creating a thematic group of posts. Each theme may have a header image, color palette, header, sub-header and description. Monthly themes may be displayed on the homepage or in the blog and showcase a group of posts related to a specific topic. This is useful for building into the editorial calendar as well as featuring past blog content.